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Address: 30 Alabaster Way
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3P 0E6
Long Business Description:

Professional accounting services at reasonable rates.
Specializing in small business bookkeeping, taxes and financial statement preparation.

Business Website Address: Add It Up Inc.
Business Phone Number: 902 499-8076
Harding & Associates Inc.
Address: 215 – 339 Herring Cove Road
Halifax Nova Scotia
B3R 1V5
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Harding & Associates Accounting Inc. provides individuals, partnerships, and corporations with high-quality accounting and consulting services in Nova Scotia and across Canada while maximizing integrity, professionalism, and value to the customer by excelling in accounting standards, high-quality accounting practices, and customer service.


Taxation – Tax Preparation

Business Accounting


Business Website Address: Harding & Associates Inc.
Business Phone Number: 902 266-6556
H & R Block
Address: 6 – 16 Dentith Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3R 2H9
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Long Business Description:

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, H & R Block serve taxpayers in more than 1,100 offices across the country. With a dedicated team of Tax Experts who use the latest in electronic processing and filing technology to prepare all types of returns, including personal, small business, corporate, farm, trucker, fishing, U.S., rental and estate. With offices located across North America and in 13 foreign countries, they able to prepare tax returns for all Canadians no matter where they are.

Business Website Address: H & R Block
Business Phone Number: 902 492 1526
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