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Chebucto Connections
Address: 531 Herring Cove Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3R 1X3
Long Business Description:

Our Vision
A community that is actively engaged in making Chebucto a healthy and vibrant place to live and work

Our Purpose

Building connections to build community

Chebucto Connections helps residents participate in community life, from Armdale to the Pennants, by focusing on individual and community strengths. We identify and attract resources to increase opportunities for residents, groups and their communities, so we can work together to improve the quality of life throughout Eastern Chebucto Peninsula. We partner with community groups, agencies, businesses, institutions and governments to better serve their clients and focus their efforts on local interests and priorities.

Our values are based on a sense of community and a belief in the common good.

We value:

Security & Prosperity, and therefore we support initiatives that protect, enhance and attract resources to our communities.
Diversity & Inclusiveness, and therefore we welcome all viewpoints and serve to amplify marginalized voices.
Equity & Fairness, and therefore we are dedicated to assisting groups that work toward equitable access to resources.
Caring & Engagement, and therefore we seek to develop common understanding by listening and partnering to develop relationships that maximize results.
Transparency, and therefore we declare our associations with others and communicate responsibly when representing the Association as appropriate, while respecting confidentiality.

Neighbourhood Hub

• We believe that every man, woman and child has an active role to play in their community.

• We believe that neighbourhood groups are the heart of every community.

• We believe that communities working together are stronger.

Linking Individuals to Groups
If you want to be more involved in your neighbourhood or community, Chebucto Connections offers help. Check out Getting Involved, or drop in to see us in our space in the Community Wellness Centre. We can help you find where you might fit.

Linking Groups to Individuals
Because of our beliefs, Chebucto Connections has also developed practical tools to help groups in their efforts to build a stronger community. These tools include information and tips on everything from ideas on fundraising, how to design clear brochures using plain language, ways to connect with youth and communicate with seniors, and how to attract and keep volunteers.

Linking Groups and Communities
At Chebucto Connections, we partner with community groups, agencies, businesses, institutions and governments to help them better serve their clients and focus their efforts on local interests and priorities. We do this through our Programs and by supporting Community Initiatives.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number:
902 477-0964
Business Fax:
902 477-8984
Chebucto Family Centre
Address: 3 Sylvia Ave
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3R 1J7

Long Business Description:

The Chebucto Family Centre is a family resource center and community hub.  Operating since 1887, with their roots as the Home of the Guardian Angel.  Their mission is to enhance the quality of life of  families through the delivery of community-based programs.  Annually supporting thousands of families  throughout HRM.

Chebucto Family Centre’s programming includes: advocacy and support, health and wellness programs, community meals,  prenatal and parenting classes, a Volunteer Doula Program, child and youth programming, emergency food bank, family playgroups and operating as a Family Home Day Care Agency. All of the programs are offered at no cost to participants.


Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number:
902 479-3031 ext 302
Business Fax:
902 492-4547
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